Save Water and Love the Earth

Saving water starts with you and me.
You can avoid wasting water resources by installing a water-saving aerator on the faucet in your home.

Safety and Security

  • Dual certification
  • No/low lead copper
  • Electroplated surface (titanium plating)
  • ECO energy saving
  • Japanese ceramic valve core
  • NEOPERL aerators
  • Stainless steel hot and cold water inlet pipe
  • Rubber gasket/O-ring
  • Forged lead-free male adapter (lengthened) and widened elbow with filter screen.
  • Manufacturing Process

Production Process / Testing Equipment

Precision Forging > Machining > Drilling > Grinding and Polishing > Copper Sulfate > Electroplating > Quality Control Inspection > Hydrostatic Test > Salt Spray Test > Flow Test


About Us

For your water safety,

Boss has developed and produced lead-free faucets.

For Your Reassurance

All series of faucets have passed the testing of lead-free materials by the Metal Industries Research and Development Center of Taiwan